Before We Start

Our mission is to help creatives to promote their inspiring work and let them earn money with a 80% profit share.

We respect hard work and before we start making a book we think it's very important to be clear on what to expect from each other. Below you can find all steps from start to finish in creating a book with us. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Step 1: Collect your work

We work with a concept of showing work in 25 pages. Which 25 images are up to you. There are a few rules that apply to our concept. You must be the creator of the work and have full rights to use it. If there are models used, you must make sure you have proper release forms. Check out our checklist if you need help.

Step 2: Get your text ready

You can add a description about your work, about yourself, a profile image and a directory of all work. All text should be written in English and it is very important to keep in mind that we will not make any changes to the text. So make sure it's ready to use. Check out our checklist if you need help.

Step 3: Payment

Before we start making your book you will be send an invoice. Payments are done by Paypal or banktransfer. You will also receive instructions how to send your work.

Step 4: Making the book

After payment is received, the book will be made. We will send you a proof after we are ready so you can check if all is OK and we can offer 2 adjustments rounds. After that the project is ready for publication. If you don't agree with the proof after 2 adjustments rounds we will terminate our project with you and a full refund will be made. Only this way we can keep the costs low.

Step 5: License Agreement

Before we can proceed and publish the book, we want to make crystal clear we respect your copyright and your hard work. Also we want to make sure we get your permission to use your work in creating your book, promote it and sell it. Therefore we made a license agreement you will have to sign before we continue.

Step 6: Publication

After the signed agreement is received, your book will be available for orders and we will make sure you will get a copy. Your book will be added to our shop and you will receive a press kit for promotion of your book. We will keep your files 2 weeks after publication date for unseen adjustments. After that your files will be deleted from our system and adjustements will mean a new order.

Step 7: Earn money

Your book will be added to your own personal reseller dashboard on Peecho (our printing partner) where you can track all sales and request pay outs. Each sale will earn you 10 EUR and it is good to know there will be only 1 link to your book. This means it doesn't matter who's promoting your book (us, you, your friends, our partners, etc) you will earn your cut.

Before you place your order, make sure you also read our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Printing Terms.