From Above

A curated selection of established and upcoming talented drone photographers

This book highlights the work of twenty-five established and upcoming talented drone photographers including Benoît Herickx, Ben Mackay, Charlie Nutting, Denys Nevozhai, Erwin Doorn, Florian Ledoux, Artem Lupanchuk, Andreas Parnerou, Jessica Lee, Jorge Vasconez, Manuel Surkau, Dragos Ioneanu, Òscar Penelo, Pavel Dvorak, Haukur Sigurdsson, Reed Plummer, Rielly Milne, Omri Taub, Tristan Zhou, Alex Von Kalckstein, Vladimir Bichev, Gaile Juknyte, Florent Rols, John Guthed and Julius Ulbrich.

The work in this book, called “FROM ABOVE” is a shortlist of the Get Inspired Magazine Photo Challenge FROM ABOVE.

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