A curated selection of noir photographs by established and upcoming talented photographers

This book highlights the work of twenty-five photographers including Ariela Bueno, Tajana DedicStarovic, Alexandra Wesche, Corpus Vertebrae, Erik Svec, Andy Ngo, Dragos Ioneanu, Dina Ginzburg, Russ Tierney, Kerri Jean, Jeffrey Vonk, Christophe Aubry, Leonardo Basana, Linda Kristiansen, Madalin Vlad, Maria Alonso, Thomas Jerusalem, Nain Leon, Look Boden, Oksana But, Selma Reis, Simone Betz, Thibaut Fleuret, Veronica Liuzzi and Antonio Bernardino.

The work in this book, called “NOIR” is a shortlist of the Get Inspired Magazine Photo Challenge NOIR.

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