A curated selection of summits photographs by established and upcoming talented photographers

This book highlights the work of twenty-five photographers including Alyssa DePaola, Leonardo Basana, Dragos Ioneanu, Jessica Lee, Toros Kose, Brian Ashworth, Callum Thompson, Calin Crestin, Sveva Pupillo, Haytham Achkar, Heiko Gerlicher, Andi Balogh – ARCHÈ, Dina Ginzburg, Erik Svec, Thibaut Fleuret, Andrii Lutsyk, Saskia Boelsums, Jakob Wagner, Gustav Willeit, Ennio Scarcelli, Trey Wallace, Nathalie AT, John Guthed, Arvīds Barānovs and Alexandra Wesche.

The work in this book, called “SUMMITS” is a shortlist of the Get Inspired Magazine Photo Challenge SUMMITS.

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